How to start an online radio station on a low budget


If you thought only high budget companies such as the BBC could startup a radio station, you would be mistaken. Read this and you will learn all about how to setup your very own radio station on a budget.

1. Think of your audience

Before starting anything you need to think about your audience, you need to consider what music audience would like to listen to. If you are already stuck, start by basing this on yourself. What music would I like to listen to? and What age range would listen to that style of music? You need to know exactly what your planning to do, for example make a checklist:
* Will I have DJs and radio presenters?
* Will I only play music?
* Will I be bringing guests onto the show?

2. Branding

It is important to check if your station is fitting to your style of audience, you should check the name and theme of this. For example, you wouldn't want your station to be known as "Raging FM" when it's targeted for 10-15 year old's would you? 

Your name and logo is how your station will come across and it is important to make sure it stands out against your competitors. You also have to make sure the name isn't already taken and does not put you at risk of infringing any trademarks. 

3. Equipment

So you have the name and you have the type of music you want to play, what's next? Truthfully nothing! If you have a small budget you may want to consider purchasing a microphone to make your audio sound a little bit better. But the least you must use an external microphone, this could be a cheap microphone off an aux lead or a wireless one from a game controller.
But now how do you play music or even get people to find you? For this you will need a website. No, you don't need a high costing one, there are plenty of website hosting platforms that offer a free starter account such as WixSquarespace and Infinityfree

Next, you will need some kind of streaming software to play music out to the world. To do this you will need a live streaming service. For beginners we recommend radiolize as are an "All-in-one complete studio" with an AutoDJ, cloud studio, a free player and an option to go live with both icecast and shoutcast. 

4. Share your station

You are now up and running on your radio station and you are ready to share. Don't worry if you don't instantly get people listening as it takes time for people to find and like your content. Just be patient, share with friends and family and some day you may become the next top radio presenter!