How to start a podcast on the cheap and free!


Podcasts are a thing many people have wanted to do but have not had the money, equipment or people to o it. So how do you do it? Read on to see how you can start one today!

1. Equipment

You have thought of starting a podcast but don't know what you need. The bare minimum you need:
* A microphone
* A computer

Simple right? Sometimes not, people don't know what microphone you need for a podcast. If you are just starting out you can use one! Be aware though that audio may not be the best. But if you use a dynamic microphone you will have almost no issues at all. Dynamic microphones are good for room audio and if you are recording one person at a time! 
For a cheap microphone I recommend this microphone as it is cheap and I know people personally who have used it and it has great sounding audio! Although you can use your computers built in microphone if you really have to.

For a computer it is really easy, you don't need one! Yes thats right, if you use a portable recording microphone such as this one you can record your podcast even without a computer.
Although I said you don't need a computer you do need one to publish your podcast. You can use a phone if your microphone records to an SD Card. But you can use a public computer to take the audio. 
But if you really need a cheap computer you can get a raspberry pi which is a cheap, portable computer capable of simple web browsing and computing. The raspberry pi is good enough for even editing your podcast which I will come to next. 

2. Editing

You have now recorded your podcast, you have a computer but how are you going to edit it? You could use an expensive program such as premier pro but there are free alternatives that you can use in your web browser! I used to use a website called soundtrap. Soundtrap is a website made for music making and podcast editing so it is a perfect choice! 

3. Hosts

This one is a bit harder than the rest. You can get friends, people from school or colleagues from work to help you. For a podcast you need at least 2 people so just you and your friend sit in a quiet room and off you go!

4. Topics

Topics are entirely up to you! Talk about whatever you want! Make sure you have a step by step plan on what you talk about. Follow this template and you are sure not to stop because you have nothing left to talk about:
Topic 1
- 1st thing about the topic
- 2nd thing about the topic
- 3rd thing about the topic

Topic 2
- 1st thing about the topic
- 2nd thing about the topic
- 3rd thing about the topic

Topic 3
- 1st thing about the topic
- 2nd thing about the topic
- 3rd thing about the topic

5. Publishing

When publishing there are multiple ways to go around this, is an easy way to go around it if you want to publish it. You need this as if you want to publish to spotify for podcasters or apple podcasters you need an rss page which is a way for them to find and put your podcast live. Yet if you do not have any money for I have heard that Wix has a blog about how to properly setup an rss feed which you can find here.

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